Reiki4Animals and Plants

Animals have the same anatomy as we do, but their proportion is very different than ours, so my hands will be able to cover a larger area on a small animal than on a person. Generally, animals love Reiki, and respond very well to the Reiki energy.

However, it is easier to send Reiki via distant healing for animals, because some animals find it hard to stay still for an hour, or if they are in a lot of pain and find they can only take short bursts of the Reiki energy rather than an hour’s worth. Once they get stronger, they can tolerate more and more of the Reiki in the areas where there is a lot of need.

I usually send distant healing to animals as they can’t run away and find that I am able to Reiki their sore areas with less discomfort. They respond very quickly to the Reiki energy and become Reiki addicts!

Plants are easy to Reiki using hands-on, but sometimes rooted trees and plants benefit more using distant healing.