What do these methods mean?

Hands on healing requires the practitioner to be present during the session. The client lies on a Reiki bed, fully clothed, during the Reiki session.

People receiving hands on healing will feel relaxed throughout the session and they may experience a peaceful state of mind, similar to meditation. The way people experience the Reiki will differ, as no two people are alike, but they always will feel a release and relief after the session.

Distant Healing means the practitioner does not need to be present during sessions, as those in the advanced level of Reiki have learned how to send the energy to the client.

When distant healing is being sent, the client may or may not be able to feel the energy, but they should feel a change in their mood, their physical symptoms, and perhaps notice that their energy level has improved. Sleeping better at night, feeling less stress during the day, and feeling better emotionally and physically are some of the signs that the client has received the Reiki energy.