More Information

Length of Session

Both the Hands-On and Distant Healing sessions last an hour, not including setting up and the follow up.

For hands-on sessions, I travel to the client’s home, if they live in Hong Kong.

For clients who live outside of Hong Kong, I will send the Reiki energy to them using the Advanced level of Reiki.

The time and place for the Reiki session will be prearranged between the client and myself.




A written report via email will be sent immediately after the session has been completed for those receiving distant healing. Any feedback on what you experienced would be welcome. I will also be keeping in contact with you after each session to check up on your progress.

For hands-on healing, an oral report after the session will be given. I will also be asking you questions to check on how you are feeling, and what you are experiencing, at some point during the session. (You will obviously need to be living in Hong Kong to receive the oral report!) I will also send sms messages to check up on your progress over the following days.