Reiki Testimonies


MARILYN, by Marilyn

I sought out Wendy to alleviate acute anxiety. Wendy responded immediately with a house call and I have seen her regularly for a few months.

Wendy has a patient hand allowing my needs to be answered in the moment and often giving more time per area as required. Her long experience means her post therapy insights are incisive and her feedback will leave me with many clues as to what my body is seeking or life issues needing to be addressed.

After every session, I feel an overall sense of improvement in my well being. My anxieties have greatly reduced or largely disappeared. My mood is always lightened. It may sound magical but the results are palpable.

Wendy goes the extra mile by also being in touch with me during any healing crises after a session is over. Her service is exceptional and she truly cares about people. In her words, ‘she loves helping people!” What she gives is beyond commerce.


REIKI FOR BOBBY, by Lyndsey Cook

I had heard of Reiki years ago, but I was always skeptical. A lot of people I know do it and I’ve always been intrigued, but never thought I’d try it myself. After my dog was run over and was recovering from a major operation on his shattered leg, I was willing to try anything after seeing him in agony. He was absolutely miserable, had no energy and dragged his front leg around. I hadn’t seen him run or play in a very long time.

Then I saw Wendy’s advertisement offering Reiki treatments for animals and people, and thought I’d give it a try, as I’d do anything to make Bobby better! So I made an appointment and a week later, Wendy was in my shop giving Reiki to Bobby. He lay completely still on the floor for the whole session as she placed her hands on him. We just chatted and she explained what she was doing throughout the session. Bobby was very comfortable with her; she was very experienced!

I didn’t see any difference immediately after the treatment, except that he was completely zoned out, but after Wendy left, I took Bobby for a quick walk in the park and he ran! It was the first time I’d seen him show any interest in smells or other dogs, and he actually enjoyed his walk! He remained energetic weeks after the session. I am so thankful for what Wendy had done and was amazed at how much Bobby had changed after just an hour of Reiki! I highly recommend her.

Bobby & me



My husband and I live on a sailboat in America with our kitty, Portia, used to cruise with us. One day, Portia became ill. We were anchored out in a very remote area where there were no vets available. Portia was running a fever, and wasn’t eating or drinking, so I emailed my sister, Wendy, who is an experienced Reiki practitioner and is able to send distant healing to people and animals, to send reiki.

Portia started improving almost immediately and after a few more days, she had her appetite back and was eating and drinking normally. Wendy later told me that she felt that Portia had been poisoned in some way. I wondered whether she had eaten something bad, or if she had picked up something when we had taken her to the vet’s for her vaccinations before we sailed, but since she had recovered, didn’t think anything more about it.

However, the next time Portia had her shots, she became sick again, just like before. We realized it was her shots Portia had been reacting to. Wendy was able to send Reiki to her again, and Portia recovered very quickly; we are so grateful for her support. It’s amazing that, even though she lives thousands of miles away, she was still able to send the Reiki energy to help our kitty.

Portia Fell


REIKI FOR MOLLY, by Michael Pilling

Last year my cat Molly got very sick while I was thousands of kilometres from home. Friends with nursing qualifications who were feeding her in my absence took her to the vet. It was clear the medication that had prevented heart failure and a terrifying, painful death for years had severely damaged her kidneys. I had always promised Molly I would never force her to be here for my sake, but asking for her to be put down without knowing her wishes felt like I might be ordering her execution. While I could have done Reiki myself to discover more I was too upset to trust that I would not make up what I wanted to hear whatever that might be (in either direction). Wendy was very kind and very clear in her reading. It gave me confidence that I could send Molly on her way with her blessing. It also made it clear that Molly had very much enjoyed the extra years she had had with me which made an awful time far more bearable. She was in no pain and I was able to let her go without holding on as Wendy’s information confirmed that this was her time. My neighbour who Molly also knew cuddled her while she was put down and I was able to talk to her by phone before hand and she perked up and purred.