Reiki4Animals Stories



My friend, Keven Duff and I were holidaying in America. During a visit to a pet store, we saw this small parrot by the cashier as we were exiting. It was very friendly, so Keven picked the parrot up, cupped it in her hands and Reikied it. After a few minutes, the parrot relaxed

completely and fell asleep. When the lady behind the desk came to collect her parrot, it was reluctant to leave. It obviously enjoyed its Reiki session.


When I was in Brisbane, I went to visit Steve Irwin’s Zoo where you get to hold koalas, snakes, and pet kangaroos. The koala became very calm when I held him, but the snake was interesting. I had observed those in front of me hold the snake and each time, the snake kept its head down low and away from the person, but when it was my turn, the snake became alert and more active. It raised its head and turned towards my face, then stared at me. It actually started moving its upper body towards me rather than away, as it did to the people who came before me. It definitely felt the energy and appeared to like it!

Reiking the snake



Stumpy used to belong to a friend, and I looked after her for 6 years whilst they lived abroad. However, as her kidneys began to fail, I adopted her in order to give her the sessions she needs. I Reiki Stumpy a lot, especially over the last few years and she always responds well to the Reiki energy, because she goes into a deep sleep and, when she wakes up, she’s so much better that before. Almost as if her ailment never happened.

Giving Stumpy a full Reiki session

For example, once, when Stumpy was lethargic and off her food, I just put my hands on her as she lay next to me for several hours. During this time, she went into a deep, relaxed sleep. After her Reiki session, she got up and ate. And she continued to eat well for several days afterwards. This is usually what happens after a Reiki session. My vet is amazed that she is still with us, as he had expected her to pass a year ago. The Reiki certainly is helping to extend her life, for which I am so grateful!

Reiking Stumpy as she slept

I find that, having the gift of reiki is truly the most precious gift of all, because no longer can we ever say there is nothing we can’t do, as we can either give hands on healing, or send distant healing to help support those in need.

Reiking Mishkin with Jasmine waiting her turn

I have six other cats. They all receive Reiki. Every time I sit down, they all jostle to sit on my hands as they love the energy. (Mishkin is a real Reiki addict. Always asks me to Reiki her. That’s why she is in most of my Reiki pictures!)

Mishkin getting a Reiki & PowerTube session

Before I had my kitties, I had a dog.  Samba, my ridgeback, loved the Reiki. He would come up to me, turn around and present his hips so I could Reiki them. When he had had enough, he would go and lie down and fall deeply asleep. If he didn’t get Reiki, he would sulk.  He was a real Reiki addict, too.



Luna, one of my client’s dog, really seemed attracted to the energy. One day, when I went to my client’s house to give her a Reiki session, Luna jumped on the table and asked for some energy. I received a lot of wet kisses as payment!

Luna also thought she could help me with my Reiki session!