Reiki4People Stories



I used to be an elementary school teacher. I used my Reiki a lot whenever there were children who had hurt themselves, who were upset, or who were having problems grasping a concept. Just by touching the back of their chair, holding their hand, or putting my hands near the site of the injury, helped bring healing to the issues; the emotional student became calm; the crying child stopped crying, and those who had learning blockages would suddenly get inspired.

Reiki also stops the flow of blood: very quickly. On one particular day when I was teaching the Middle School, a 14 year old student had a nose bleed. Because of his age, it wasn’t really appropriate to make contact with him, so he was sent to the office to be treated, which was the custom in the school. Three times he was sent to the office during that class, and three times he came back with his nose still bleeding.

“For goodness sake!” I said. I got him to sit down, and I Reikied him over his nose and sinuses and the back of his head whilst continuing to teach.

It only took a short time before the student suddenly sat forward, looked at the tissue around his face and exclaimed, “What did you do? How did you DO that so quickly?”

The bleeding had stopped almost instantly. The rest of the class was totally amazed, too. Needless to say, my reputation of being the school’s dragon changed from that day onwards!



I have had had several incidents when I have been at the right place at the right time, when there has been a need for healing. Once, I was able to help a lady who collapsed on the street just in front of me after having eye surgery; I was there at the right moment when another lady fainted on the platform of a train station, and I was also able to assist a lady who was having severe chest pains. I not only gave her hands on Reiki, but I was able to use the advanced level and send distant healing to her after she was taken away by ambulance. I later learnt she had had an operation that day and a pace maker inserted. I saw her two weeks after the incident. She looked amazing, as if nothing had happened.



ROSEMARY, by Wendy

At the end of every year, I sent an annual letter to family and friends where I always mention what I have been doing in Reiki. One year, I got an email from a friend, who wrote out of the blue asking if I still did this Reiki thing, and please could I send reiki to her eldest sister, who had just been rushed into a UK hospital with severe meningitis; it was so bad the doctors didn’t expect her to make it through the night. My friend was obviously distraught, and was desperate to do anything to help her sister. So of course, I sent distant healing.

The next morning, my friend was very excited and emailed me to say Rosemary was much better and had survived the night. However, Rosemary was complaining that she couldn’t see or hear very well; in fact she could hardly hear or see at all. The doctors warned her that she might not recover her sight or hearing from such a severe attack of meningitis. So I continued to send intensive distant healing whilst her family prayed.

After a week, I decided to contact my friend, as I hadn’t heard anything since the 2nd day, to find out how she was. My friend was ecstatic. Rosemary was being discharged that day. She was not only well enough to go home, but she had regained her hearing and sight; the doctors told her that her full recovery had astounded them all! No one had expected her to firstly, survive the night and secondly, to make such a remarkable recovery. The power of Prayer and Reiki!


HARRISON, by Wendy

About 9 years ago, my niece delivered her first child. When Harrison was born, the doctors discovered he had two holes in his heart; one hole was small, but the other one was so large there was very little tissue between the two chambers. The baby was too small to operate at birth, so they decided to operate when he was a month old; the chances of him surviving were very slim.

At times like these, I again am so grateful for the ability to do something. I sent intensive distant healing to Harrison and on top of this, arranged for the mother to be given supplements, like magnesium, that would help promote further healing.

When Harrison went in for his pre-op examination a month later, the doctor was stunned. He said that the smaller hole was 1/3rd healed, but not only that, the larger hole was showing new tissues growing at the top part of the heart. He had never seen this before. So he said that he would defer the operation for three months, and to continue doing whatever it was they were doing.

I continued to send intensive distant healing, and the mother continued to take supplements which Harrison received through her milk. When the three months were up, the operation was deferred for yet another three months, as more new tissue was being created, and when the 6th month arrived, the operation was again deferred for another 6 months. During that entire time, distant healing was sent, and supplements continued to be taken to strengthen his heart.

So when Harrison was a year old, he did eventually have an operation to repair his holey heart because, although the larger hole was now 98% healed, the remaining 2% was too close to the heart valve and was compromising it, so the doctor felt that repairing the hole through open heart surgery was the better option. (The smaller hole had healed up completely months previously.)

Afterwards, the doctor took the mother aside and said that Harrison’s case was very unusual, because children with holes in their hearts are called “blue babies,” as the heart can’t pump the oxygen around the body sufficiently, so their lips are always blue. In Harrison’s case, he was always rosy lipped and had a healthy complexion. On top of that, he wasn’t lacking in energy as he behaved like any normal healthy boy who ran around playing football and loved cycling. This is because Reiki improves the oxygenation of the blood and energizes the body.

The second thing that the doctor mentioned which he found unusual was that, when he opened Harrison’s chest cavity, he expected to see an enlarged heart, but Harrison’s heart was normal size. He said he has never seen anything like this and described it as a miracle.

And because Harrison had been receiving intensive distant healing, his recovery was that much quicker, the scar healed so well it is almost invisible, and he’s now a healthy 9 year old. He’s been often described as a child with a big heart.